Integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals

A more sustainable metal industry

‘Sustainable’ is not the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the metal industry. We are committed to change that. As ROTO, we took a first step towards this goal by starting to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in our core themes and translating them into KPIs. The SDGs were defined by the UN and are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. And just let that be our shared goal: leaving a better world for future generations. But how did we exactly integrate the SDGs at ROTO? What did we already achieve? And where is there still work to be done? 

ROTO aerial view of windmill in a field
ROTO solar panels
Staco cradle to cradle winner

Integrating the UN SDGs

To achieve a more sustainable business and future, we work together with an officially UN SDG recognised partner. They help us to integrate the UN SDGs at ROTO and our Business Units. They encourage us to embed the SDG goals into our company policies and activities. When these initiatives are completed, they will be audited by the UN. Upon successful completion, the company receives an official internationally recognised UN certificate:  from SDG Pioneer to SDG Champion or even SDG Ambassador.

We know leaving a better world will not be easy. It takes time and we cannot do it alone.

UN SDG Pioneer certification

Our first Business Unit that is well on its way to integrating the UN SDGs into their business approach is Rezinal. They already completed the first three-year trajectory and obtained the UN certificate for 'SDG pioneer' in 2021! Our other Business Units are working hard to follow suit in the coming years.

ROTO UN SDG party with Rezinal

SDGs on our website

To make it clear which SDGs we are working on, we are trying to integrate them throughout our website. You can see them in our inspiration articles. In this way, we want to pay more attention to the importance of the SDGs for sustainable business operations and leaving a better world for future generations. 

The Sustainable Colourful Metal Family Group

ROTO is a reliable entrepreneurial family business. Our Business Units share our passion for metal and our ambition to reach our goal. Because impact is greater when created together.

  • Independent European family business
  • Financially sound
  • Actively contributing to a sustainable colourful future
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