Metal is the best alternative

Metal is the best alternative

The choice for metal in renovations

When constructing new or renovating old buildings, there is a wide variety of materials to choose from. Wood, concrete and brick are some of the many options available. At ROTO, we focus on metal as the main material of choice. Metal is strong, durable, energy efficient, recyclable, affordable and highly adaptable to various situations and construction types. It can be used to create beautiful and unique building designs.

Our Business Units have contributed to several projects that needed a strong and reliable material to save and preserve the construction. For these projects it was necessary to choose metal as other materials simply didn’t meet the requirements.

Saving the historic quay wall in Balk with steel

The historic quay wall along the Luts river in Balk (Friesland, the Netherlands) was in poor condition. The wooden pile heads that support the masonry segments, were rotten and urgently needed renovation. That is why the wooden piles were replaced by steel anchors. These steel anchors (weighing 3500 kg in total) were cut to size by De Boer Snijbedrijf and now function as a strong foundation for the entire wall. Thanks to the successful construction, the quay wall and the village of Balk have been restored to their former glory.

Metal is a sustainable and strong choice when renovating buildings

Replacing wood with metal in the Bolsward town hall tower

The tower of the historical town hall in Bolsward (Friesland, the Netherlands) was originally constructed from wood. Unfortunately, the death watch beetle, that has a preference for oak wood, damaged the octagonal tower in such a way that it created a dangerous situation. To prevent this kind of damages in the future, the municipality has chosen to install a steel girdle within the tower, which was hot-dip galvanised by Rotocoat. Steel is much more durable and stronger than wood and gives the tower the stable support it needs.

ROTO tower Bolsward

Improving accessibility with metal stair treads

The baroque belfry of Mons (Belgium), listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, needed to be made more accessible to the public. For the renovation of this special building, Staco supplied 300 perforated spiral stair treads. The staircase structure, interrupted by several mezzanine floors, allows access to the unique interpretation centre that turns the belfry into a worthy museum. It also gives access to the viewing platform at the top of the tower. Metal was chosen as the most suitable material, as it is light, strong and durable thus ensuring safe access for visitors and preserving the historical value of the building.

The Sustainable Colourful Metal Family Group

ROTO is a reliable entrepreneurial family business. Our Business Units share our passion for metal and our ambition to reach our goal. Because impact is greater when created together.

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  • Financially sound
  • Actively contributing to a sustainable colourful future
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