Motivating our family members to be sustainable – Michal Adamczewski

Motivating our family members to be sustainable – Michal Adamczewski

One of the core themes at ROTO is sustainability, which not only means improving ecologically and having a continuously solid financial performance. Another important topic within sustainability is the continuous development of our family members and supporting them to continue creating value on a broad scale for all our stakeholders. This is done by improving their skills, capabilities and leadership, which also enlarges their employability in a wider setting. We’ve asked a few of our ROTO family members to talk about this topic. One of these family members is Michal Adamczewski, Operational Manager in powder coating at Rotocoat Wolvega. Michal is proud to tell you more about his development at Rotocoat!

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More about Michal

Michal started his career at Rotocoat as a galvanizing production employee in Wolvega. At first, his goal was to save money for his vacations and then return to Poland for his studies in psychology. However, he liked working at Rotocoat so much, that he never went back. “I was treated as a part of the Rotocoat family from the very start. I feel safe and supported and get respect from the entire company.” After a few years, Michal was asked to become foreman at the production site in Wolvega, which he did well for a number of years. 

Then, Gerlof Koster (Operational Director at Rotocoat) motivated Michal to become Operational Manager in powder coating at Wolvega. At first, Michal wasn’t sure what to do. “My expertise lied within galvanizing; I didn’t have any knowledge about powder coating.” With the help of his colleagues, Michal made the switch to powder coating and learned a lot by being able to ask his colleagues questions and by obtaining powder coating certificates. Currently, he is still working hard in order to obtain all of them.

I was treated as a part of the Rotocoat family from the very start

Not only within the technical field, but also in other topics, Michal would like to develop himself. He and two other Rotocoat family members plan on getting their degree in Business Administration. This will allow Michal to develop himself even further within his job position, and maybe even further. “I really want to keep growing and taking on new challenges”, Michal says.

Sustainable, reliable and flexible together

Rotocoat specialises in hot-dip galvanising, centrifuge galvanising, thermal zinc spraying and powder coating to protect metals against corrosion and extend their service life. They have multiple production sites in the Netherlands and are one of the most sustainable companies in their field.

  • Sustainable metal protection
  • Reliable and flexible solutions
  • Clear communication and good customer service
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