Motivating our family members to be sustainable – Patrick de Portzamparc

Motivating our family members to be sustainable – Patrick de Portzamparc

One of the core themes at ROTO is sustainability, which not only means improving ecologically and having a continuously solid financial performance. Another important topic within sustainability is the continuous development of our family members and supporting them to continue creating value on a broad scale for all our stakeholders. This is done by improving their skills, capabilities and leadership, which also enlarges their employability in a wider setting. We’ve asked a few of our ROTO family members to talk about this topic. One of these family members is Patrick de Portzamparc (working at Prestia Holding), who keeps developing himself in new fields such as finance, IT, management and HR. 

Prestia employee in factory
Prestia employee in factory

More about Patrick

Patrick started his career in a position that required him to travel a lot. “It was a challenging and nice job, but I wanted to build a family, and the traveling made that very difficult.” This was the reason why Patrick decided to look for another job that allowed him to ‘settle’ in one place together with his family. He applied to a job opening at Prestia, who were looking for a person with dual skills in finance and information systems. “Instantly, the people at Prestia had confidence in me and gave me several opportunities to develop myself”. Patrick soon took the position of Finance Manager, which was his original field of expertise (because of his studies). 

Finally, Patrick moved to the Prestia Holding Company, where they invited him to take charge of the HR department. This was completely new for him, but as Patrick says: “I love new challenges and opportunities, and that is what they give me here at Prestia!” At first, Prestia asked Patrick to do multiple things at his new job, which involved not only HR, but also IT and insurance. “But ever since Prestia became part of the ROTO family, there is more attention for the employees, and so HR had to be taken more seriously.” Therefore, Patrick decided that he would like his focus to be on HR. 

Taking this challenge is already a great goal for me

But, for this he needed more knowledge about HR as this wasn’t his expertise. So, he went to look for a training or course about HR. ROTO and Prestia motivated him to commence a training, and ultimately, Patrick went ‘back to school’: next to his job in HR, he followed a training given by HR consultants with experience in the real world. “The training is very rewarding as I can apply my knowledge directly at Prestia.”


Next to leading the HR community at Prestia, Patrick also works together with HR managers within the other ROTO Business Units, which together make up the ROTO HR community. Within this community, they discuss important challenges and topics for the entire ROTO group.  


About the future, Patrick says: “My goal is to develop myself within my field and to become recognized as a professional in HR. But for me, taking this challenge is already a great goal!”

The benchmark for anticorriosion

Prestia's combination of hot-dip galvanising and powder coating or wet painting provides the most durable protection against corrosion and at the same time gives the materials a beautiful appearance. They are a key player in surface treatment and have production sites in the north-west of France. 

  • One-stop shop for anti-corrosion and aesthetic solutions
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Responsive and qualitative service
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