Our new ROTO family members

Our new ROTO family members

The family of our Business Units keeps on growing, but sometimes our own family at the ROTO headquarters grows a little bit too. We are happy to announce two great additions to our ROTO team: Guus & Jacqueline. In this article, we gladly introduce them to you. 

Guus van der Grind started at the beginning of February 2023 as a Finance Business Partner at ROTO. He was already familiar with ROTO, as he worked as an analyst on the ROTO file at Rabobank in the Netherlands. He got to know ROTO as a company and from the start appreciated the great collaboration with the ROTO family.  

When Ditmar asked him whether he might be interested to come work at ROTO, Guus didn’t have to think for a very long time. “After years in the banking sector, I wanted something different. The industry is very interesting and I especially like the fact that at ROTO   you can see the outcome of the work done.  

“They give me the freedom to think about how I can add value to the ROTO family.” 

Guus will work as a Finance Business Partner at ROTO. This is a new role, so most of his responsibilities are yet to be determined by Ditmar and Tom, but mainly by himself. “They give me the freedom to think about how I can add value to the ROTO family.” In his role, Guus will strengthen the financial team of ROTO with his experience and he will support the Business Units in their finance management.

Guus really likes the culture and the way of working at ROTO. “The communication is open and complete, also between and within the Business Units. I’ve had a very warm welcome during all my visits to the Business Units.” He is also impressed by the way ROTO lives up to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.  

We wish Guus van der Grind lots of fun and good luck with his new job at ROTO!

We started off 2023 well: Jacqueline Troost came to work with us as an administrative employee. She has a lot of experience in the world of finance and has been working in this field all her life.

But Jacqueline needed a new challenge, and that is how she encountered ROTO. “During my job interview, we talked for two and a half hours. But not about the job or my capabilities; we really talked about me as a person and my love for motorcycles!” She was quite surprised about this, as other job interviews are often very formal and focus only on her capabilities, not on her as a person. “I really liked the different way of interaction at ROTO.”

Jacqueline will find her challenges in this new job on the sides of new software, computer programs and administrative aspects. “My experience lies primarily in finance, not administration, so this is new for me!” Additionally, Jacqueline really likes to be in a completely new organization that has its own complex challenges and new hires. She is excited to get to know it all!

We wish Jacqueline good luck in her new job!

“I really liked the different way of interaction at ROTO.”

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