Our ROTO communities

Our ROTO communities

Working together as a family

All of our Business Units have their own identity. They focus on their core business and operate autonomously. At the same time, they are part of our Family Group and find it important to work together as ROTO in this group. Working together allows them to share their expertise and learn from each other. Especially because many of the challenges are the same, for example in the field of HR, Finance and SHEQ.

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The ROTO community

To stimulate our Business Units to work together within our Family, we have started several  communities. The aim of these communities is to stimulate business development in their field of expertise and thus contribute to a productive and future-proof ROTO Family Group. 

In the ROTO communities, experts from the different Business Units work together and share best practices, start and execute projects together, innovate schemes and processes and standardise them as much as possible. We want our Business Units to think for themselves, but at the same time work together as a Family Group. Because impact is greater when created together.  

HR community topics

Some of the topics we are working on are guided by our communities. For example, the HR community is working on preboarding, onboarding, employee journey and talent management. These are topics that are important for finding new Family members and retaining current Family members.

Impact is greater when created together

SHEQ community topics

Our SHEQ community works on safety in the workplace, as Safety First is our number one priority. They are also working on introducing the Bradley Curve across all of our Business Units. By evaluating our safety culture, they can learn from each other and work together to improve the status quo.

Finance community topics

Our Finance community works on, among other things, the ROTO figures, risk assessments, provisions and budgets for 2023, standardised financial control methods and the determination and implementation of new KPIs for all our Business Units.

The Sustainable Colourful Metal Family Group

ROTO is a reliable entrepreneurial family business. Our Business Units share our passion for metal and our ambition to reach our goal. Because impact is greater when created together.

  • Independent European family business
  • Financially sound
  • Actively contributing to a sustainable colourful future
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