Taking care of our ROTO Ecosystem

Taking care of our ROTO Ecosystem

All members and stakeholders within the ROTO Ecosystem have an interest in ROTO and directly affect, or are affected by, each other. Hence, they all pursue added value for their collective goals. This is why we believe that we should take good care of this ecosystem and its stakeholders. In this article, we will give some examples of how we do this.

About the ROTO Ecosystem

At ROTO, it’s in our best interest to take care of our economic, social and sustainable environment. This environment contains our Family Members, our customers and suppliers, but also national foundations, local communities and the government. Involving the stakeholders in the decisions and actions of our Group is essential, as these likely affect them in some kind of way. But it also works the other way around - developments within the ROTO Ecosystem (both external and internal) must be taken into account by all Business Units, as they influence the decisions that are made here.

Rotocoat inspired Dutch steel federations 

In June 2023, Rotocoat invited several steel federations (Royal Steel Federation and Collaborating Dutch Steel Construction, also organized by Building with Steel) at their galvanizing facility in Dieren. Ditmar Koster, CEO of ROTO, started with an introduction about the afternoon. Afterwards, Marco Stentler and Mike Schong of Rotocoat gave presentations about the sustainability of the solutions Rotocoat offers and talked about their Zinculair® certification, which they received last year. We are proud that Rotocoat has inspired the steel federations and foundations with their presentations about sustainability. It is of utmost importance to spread the word and to become increasingly sustainable!

The local authorities in Kampen are proud to have Rotocoat be a part of their municipality!

Involving local authorities – Rotocoat & De Boer Staal

The national steel federations weren’t the only ones who were invited to one of our Business Units. To gain support from the direct environment, it is important to involve local authorities too. 

That is why Rotocoat also received a visit from the local authorities in Kampen. Gerlof Koster and Hendrik Jepma of Rotocoat presented their sustainable initiatives, such as their contributions to the energy transition with the installation of solar panels. The local authorities in Kampen are proud to have Rotocoat be a part of their municipality!


For De Boer Staal, sustainability also means purchasing from local entrepreneurs and being in close contact with the environment. That is why they were very honored that a delegation of the municipality of Uitgeest visited them last month! Together they had a brainstorm session about safety in the workplace, developments in the labor market, sustainability and more.


Prestia: Roadshow for Family Members & supporting local initiatives

Taking care of the external environment is one thing, but we believe that we should also inform and take care of our Family members, who are our internal stakeholders. In the past few months, Prestia has worked hard on building a strategic plan for their entire business. As their production sites cover a greater surface in the north-west of France, it may be hard to inform all Prestia Family members about the plan. This is why they have decided to initiate a Roadshow along all Prestia production sites, so that everyone knows what is in the new strategic plan. And most importantly, how they can make their individual contributions.

But for Prestia it is also important to support local initiatives in the direct environment of their sites. That is why they are very proud to sponsor the local Cross Kart 56 association, led by one of the Prestia Family members: Jérémie. In July 2023, this association orchestrated a shuffleboard competition on the Prestia Val Chevrier site. This was a big success! For Prestia, this partnership is much more than a simple collaboration: it is a symbol of Prestia’s commitment to their employees and the region.

The Sustainable Colourful Metal Family Group

ROTO is a reliable entrepreneurial family business. Our Business Units share our passion for metal and our ambition to reach our goal. Because impact is greater when created together.

  • Independent European family business
  • Financially sound
  • Actively contributing to a sustainable colourful future
Meet our Family

De Boer Staal supplies steel plates, profiles and specialist cutting services. They have their own coating line for shot blasting and coating sheet steel and profiles for the construction and shipbuilding industry.

  • Your partner in enabling building your projects efficiently
  • Your one-stop shop for steel processing
  • Your partner in collaboration
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The benchmark for anticorriosion

Prestia's combination of hot-dip galvanising and powder coating or wet painting provides the most durable protection against corrosion and at the same time gives the materials a beautiful appearance. They are a key player in surface treatment and have production sites in the north-west of France. 

  • One-stop shop for anti-corrosion and aesthetic solutions
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Responsive and qualitative service
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Sustainable, reliable and flexible together

Rotocoat specialises in hot-dip galvanising, centrifuge galvanising, thermal zinc spraying and powder coating to protect metals against corrosion and extend their service life. They have multiple production sites in the Netherlands and are one of the most sustainable companies in their field.

  • Sustainable metal protection
  • Reliable and flexible solutions
  • Clear communication and good customer service
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