The Way to a Sustainable Metal Industry

The Way to a Sustainable Metal Industry

We at ROTO believe that together we can make a change. Our strength is based on our united efforts across all the ROTO Business Units. This also applies to our sustainability ambitions. In this article, we will give some updates on our efforts towards the above-mentioned Sustainable Development Goals. 

Taking steps towards a more sustainable metal industry

On our way to relate the word ‘sustainable’ to the metal industry we mastered another milestone. For the past two years we have worked on integrating the Sustainable Development Goals. What actions did we undertake to do so? And how will those actions change the future for the better now?

Photovoltaic and solar installations for Staco Polska

In 2021, micro-photovoltaic and solar installations were designed and installed for Staco Polska. The project was designed with the goal to generate their own electricity. Sustainable industrialization is becoming more important by the day and those installations are part of Staco’s contribution to that. 

In total, 120 photovoltaic panels and multiple solar installations were placed. They are located in a way to withstand the different seasons in Poland. The 50 KW capacity of the photovoltaic installation will result in around 30 000 kWh savings on electricity per year. Other than that, they will also reduce the CO2 emission at Staco Polska by 14 000 kg per year. The solar panels responsible for water heating save around 22 400 kWh electricity per year. Next to that, they reduce the CO2 emissions created by Staco Polska by 4050 kg per year.

Overall, we are proud to report that the photovoltaic installation at Staco Polska will generate around 1,3% of their total power supply!


Solar panels at Staco Nederland – Generating own electricity

By installing over 1200 solar panels within nine months (November 2022 to July 2023) Staco Nederland is taking big steps towards clean and sustainable electricity. All panels are positioned in a way that is favorable in relation to the sun in order to use them to the best of their abilities. The total capacity of all panels adds up to 419 mWh per year. This numerical information is way more impactful than it might seem. 

We proudly conclude this information with the following statement: The panels installed can generate about 50% of the total yearly electricity used by Staco Nederland!


Rotocoat – Sustainable production

At Rotocoat, too, success can be encountered on the way towards sustainability. Recently they had a large number of new solar collectors installed to their production facility at Rotocoat Heerhugowaard. With the use of energy generated by these panels, they will be able to cover around 50% of their total electricity usage in this hall.


Living up to green ambitions in Uitgeest

In the beginning of 2021, more than 3,200 solar panels were installed at De Boer Staal and De Boer Snijbedrijf. Those installations contribute to the energy transition, an ambition shared throughout all ROTO business units. The solar panels in Uitgeest will generate approximately one million kWh, one GWh, of green electricity. Besides that, an annual reduction in CO2 emissions by 530 tons is expected through the solar panels. This underlines that at ROTO, all business units are working towards the same goal: creating a more sustainable metal industry.

ROTO De Boer Staal solar panels

Our conclusion

Are we fully sustainable already? No, but we already are more sustainable today than we were yesterday. Not only are we becoming more self-reliant by providing up to half our needed electricity ourselves. We are also contributing to a serious decrease of CO2 emissions produced. 

Up to 50% clean energy, responsible production and sustainable industrialization – we are on our way creating a sustainable metal industry. 

The Sustainable Colourful Metal Family Group

ROTO is a reliable entrepreneurial family business. Our Business Units share our passion for metal and our ambition to reach our goal. Because impact is greater when created together.

  • Independent European family business
  • Financially sound
  • Actively contributing to a sustainable colourful future
Meet our Family

De Boer Staal supplies steel plates, profiles and specialist cutting services. They have their own coating line for shot blasting and coating sheet steel and profiles for the construction and shipbuilding industry.

  • Your partner in enabling building your projects efficiently
  • Your one-stop shop for steel processing
  • Your partner in collaboration
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Create and Inspire

Staco is proud when their complete range of panels and gratings inspires you to make the world a more beautiful, inclusive and safer place. They use metal for their high-quality panels, gratings, stair treads and related products such as expanded metal. 

  • Constant innovation
  • Creating consistent quality together
  • Reliable, durable and recyclable products
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Sustainable, reliable and flexible together

Rotocoat specialises in hot-dip galvanising, centrifuge galvanising, thermal zinc spraying and powder coating to protect metals against corrosion and extend their service life. They have multiple production sites in the Netherlands and are one of the most sustainable companies in their field.

  • Sustainable metal protection
  • Reliable and flexible solutions
  • Clear communication and good customer service
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