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ROTO is an entrepreneurial Family business. All members of our ROTO Family support each other in good and lesser times, share the burden and reap the benefits. 

De Boer Staal supplies steel plates, profiles and specialist cutting services. They have their own coating line for shot blasting and coating sheet steel and profiles for the construction and shipbuilding industry.

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De Boer Staal De Boer Staal

Staco is proud when their complete range of panels and gratings inspires you to make the world a more beautiful, inclusive and safer place. They use metal for their high-quality panels, gratings, stair treads and related products such as expanded metal. 

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Staco Staco

Prestia's combination of hot-dip galvanising and powder coating or wet painting provides the most durable protection against corrosion and at the same time gives the materials a beautiful appearance. They are a key player in surface treatment and have production sites in the north-west of France. 

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Prestia Prestia

Rotocoat specialises in hot-dip galvanising, centrifuge galvanising, thermal zinc spraying and powder coating to protect metals against corrosion and extend their service life. They have multiple production sites in the Netherlands and are one of the most sustainable companies in their field.

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Rotocoat Rotocoat

Rezinal recycles zinc ashes (zinc skimmings), zinc scrap and other zinc-containing materials, which prevents the loss of valuable raw materials and keeps the zinc processing chain closed. That is how Rezinal contibutes to a better environment and a greener future. 

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Rezinal Rezinal
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ROTO aerial view of windmill in a field

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