Privacy Policy

ROTO is convinced that protecting the privacy of persons sharing personal data (“data subjects”) is vitally important. Hence, measures are taken regarding the processing and securing of personal data. ROTO complies with the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection (AVG) and the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

Data will only be used for the intended purpose and will not be made available to third parties, unless ROTO is obliged by law or as a result of a judicial or government investigation to release personal data. 

Which information does ROTO collect and why?

ROTO will only collect personal data (such as job, title, company name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) that data subjects supply voluntarily or that we are obliged to provide under specific laws, for instance for employees or temporary workers. In addition, our website uses “cookies”, data elements connected to the visitor’s browser and stored on their equipment and which basically help the website to function properly and allow the visitor to find information and tailor the website to individual preferences. Our “Cookie policy” as published on the website elaborates on this.  


How is this information used?

Personal data will only be used for the intended purpose, related to the needs of users, to answer users’ questions, to supply them with requested information or to carry out their instructions. ROTO may use (tools of) third parties for the collection and processing of personal data. If a data subject wishes to remove or adapt personal data, the data subject may get in touch with ROTO, and ROTO will make all reasonable efforts to comply with the request. 


Personal data of job applicants

Personal data of a job applicant (personal data, CV, letter of motivation) will be managed carefully and confidentially and is only kept as long as necessary. In the case of a restricted job application period, personal data will be destroyed no later than four weeks after the end of the application procedure, unless the applicant has granted permission to keep the data for possible future vacancies for up to one year after the end of the application period. Personal data of job applicants are only shared with providers that assist ROTO in its recruitment process. 


When a job applicant provides personal information via an unsolicited application procedure, whether or not via e-mail, a web based application form or other tools used in the recruitment process, the applicant grants permission to keep the data in connection with possible future vacancies for a maximum of one year. 


Rights of data subjects and objections

The procedure “Rights of data subjects” explains how ROTO deals with the rights of data subjects, involving everyone whose personal data are recorded or processed by ROTO. 

The data subject can always file an objection, appeal or complaint with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of ROTO, who ensures that data subjects can exercise their legal rights. Data subject’s requests can be submitted to or to Roto B.V., Molenstraat 28, 1911 DA Uitgeest, The Netherlands. 


Other important information

ROTO retains the right to make amendments to this Privacy policy at any time without prior notification. Amendments will be published on the website immediately. If you have further questions or comments about this privacy statement, feel free to get in touch with ROTO on +31 251 36 22 80 or via